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A tuner with full microtonal support (.scl and .scale files)

Pocket Orchestra is first and foremost a tuner that uses modern techniques in pitch analysis to give highly accurate readings in a simple and easy-to-read display. However, Pocket Orchestra is not limited to traditional 12-tone equal temperatment - it allows users to customize scales using the in-program Scale Builder or a couple of external file types. This support for a variety of scales and tunings has huge ramifications for microtonal musicians and composers, non-Western instrumentalists, and Western ensembles tuning chords in just temperment, as no other tuner is capable of meeting their needs. Pocket Orchestra fully supports the Scala .scl format and the new .scale format.

Tuning screen

Pocket Orchestra comes with Pythagorean Tuning, Just Temperament, and Equal Temperament (12 tones) scales in the .scale format. A library of over 4,000 .scl files is available from Scala, and new scales can easily be created in Pocket Orchestra.