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This page was last updated in 2017. Someday I'll get back into composition...

Drew Pendergrass is a composer of electroacoustic and experimental music, with an emphasis on improvisation and dynamic live performances. He has been composing actively since 2009, under Bryan Page and currently under Anthony Tan. He is a graduate of Huntsville High School, where he played trombone in the wind ensemble, marching band and jazz band, and he currently studies as an undergraduate at Harvard, where he is conducting research in live music, acoustics, and data mapping at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. His chamber work Flea Circus was premiered in 2012 at the UAH New Music Festival, his piano Sonata in G Minor was featured in the 2015 Birmingham New Music Festival, and he is the winner of the 2015 University of Tennessee Contemporary Music Festival Composition Contest. Dr. Rolf Goebel commissioned and premiered his Fantasy on Attende Domine organ work in April 2015, and the Druid City Ensemble commissioned and performed an aleatoric work for flute, harp, and soprano in November 2015. Iron Giant Percussion commissioned and performed a similarly-styled work for toy piano, melodica, bongos, and vibraphone in April 2016. His current work focuses on live electronics through Max/MSP and Ableton for Live.


Intonation, Harmonics, and Timbre (IHT)

Intonation, Harmonics, and Timbre is a detailed explanation of many concepts in the physics of music, from the Pythagorean Scale to the overtone series.

Pocket Orchestra

Pocket Orchestra is free tuning software aimed at microtonal musicians and composers.

Original Compositions

My personal Soundcloud. All of my compositions are available in pdf form by request. Send an email to